Agro-Agrarhandel GmbH

Agro-Agrarhandel GmbH

Business Description:

Fertilizer, Fertilizers, Pesticides, and Agrochemicals, Animal Fodders, Manure, Grain, Feeding Supplies

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Agro-Agrarhandel GmbH



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Agro-Agrarhandel GmbH
Aussiedlerhof 1
361 37

Pelletizing lines

We supply pelletizing lines for pellet production. We use a solution, which is proved by operation for the pelletizing lines. We supply both pelletizing lines and briquetting/drying lines that have a good drum dryer with a kettle for wood waste as well as a quality press.


Millet is produced by millet peeling. Cooked millet is used in many dishes - for example, in preparation of millet cake (salty and also sweet), millet mash and millet potato-pasta balls. Millet does not contain gluten, therefore it is used to produce millet bread for gluten-free diet.

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